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Online Memberships and Punch Passes

Memberships and 10 Punch Passes are available for online purchase below!
Note: Recurring memberships are billed on the 1st of the month.  Initiation fee and prorated dues will be charged immediately for your first month.

If you are a BLOCS member and are uncomfortable returning to the gym, we are currently not charging freeze fees or limiting the length of a frozen membership.  We will contact you by email when we start charging freeze fees again.  Please ensure your email with us is up-to-date!

Click here for more info on pricing and terms of memberships.

If this is your first time at BLOCS, please fill out a waiver online.

NOTE: Waivers MUST be filled out online prior to entry at BLOCS. 

If you would like to change or update your membership status and/or personal information, please click here.