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8761-51 ave NW Edmonton, AB

About Blocs Indoor Climbing and Bouldering Gym

BLOCS was founded on a passion for climbing with a goal to grow and give back to our community.

At BLOCS, we want you to love climbing as much as we do!  BLOCS is a climbing facility designed around bouldering, an inclusive style of climbing that allows you to stay active and be social.  Our goal is to create a welcoming and friendly space that encourages movement, education, and camaraderie.  We want to inspire, teach, and build a diverse and friendly community for all climbers.

Our Space

At 19,000 sq ft, BLOCS’ open concept design strives to be accessible and engaging with socializing spaces throughout the gym.  New boulder problems are created every week for all skill levels providing continuous challenges for our members.  We have two training areas, one with climbing specific tools: moonboard, hangboard, campusboard, etc.; as well as another with more traditional training equipment: free weights, squat rack, kettlebells, etc.