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8761-51 ave NW Edmonton, AB

Building BLOCS FUN(damentals)

Building BLOCS Fun(damentals) is a one-time stand alone adult course that is perfect for new climbers 16 years and older.  We’ll give you some tips and techniques to get you started and on your way.

Explore the thrill of bouldering with Buidling BLOCS Fun (BBFun), a standalone course designed for new climbers! This course runs weekly, offering a one-hour session led by an instructor. Discover a few fundamentals of bouldering in a supportive environment, focusing on essential techniques and safety. Whether you’re brand new to climbing or already climbing in the V0-V1 range, BBFun provides the perfect introduction to climbing as you’ll gain confidence and unlock the joy of bouldering!

This course runs every week and is included WITH YOUR ENTRY FEE (a Day Pass or Membership).
Space is limited, so sign up below, or at the welcome desk.

Please be considerate.  If you’ve signed up and can’t make the course, please let us know at

NOTE: If this is your first time at BLOCS, please fill out our waiver online and arrive 15 – 30 mins early to receive our orientation and get rental shoes if you need them.