8761-51 ave NW Edmonton, AB

Parents & Tots

Are you a parent looking for a time and place to climb and meet up with other climbing parents?
BLOCS is excited to welcome moms, dads, and tots on Wednesday mornings.

Our training area will be set aside as a play area for your children.  Please bring blankets, toys, playpens, and any extras for your kids.

TIME: Drop in on Wednesdays anytime between 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

COST: $12 (Free entry for kids 4 and under)

If your children would like to climb, please go over our youth facility rules.

NOTE: Everyone must have a facility waiver signed. This includes toddlers and babies who are not climbing.  If this is your first time at BLOCS, please CLICK HERE to sign our waiver online.