8761-51 ave NW Edmonton, AB


Deck the BLOCS is back!
This year, we are going to be hosting a FUN “5 on / 5 off” style competition.

DATE: Friday, Dec 20, 2019


5:00pm – Doors/ Warm up Area/ Isolation Opens
The warm up area/ isolation will stay open until climbing is finished.
Competitors can enter at any point before their designated start time.
6:00pm – Climbing Starts
A running order with competitor start times will be posted prior to the event.
10:00pm – Climbing Ends
10:15pm – Awards/ Prizes

FORMAT: 5 on / 5 off
Climbers in each category will attempt to complete 4 boulder problems.
Each climber will have a designated start time for their first boulder problem.
The climber gets 5 minutes to attempt each problem, then a 5 minute rest between each problem.
The total time for 1 climber is 35 minutes.
Prior to their start time, competitors cannot look at their problems or watch other competitors.

This will be a fun competition and all abilities are welcome. As always there will be lots of awesome prizes from our sponsors.

Important! You must be ready to climb at your designated start time. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated due to the nature of the event schedule.

We recommend that you sign up for your category based on the grades you climb at BLOCS in a single climbing session.

Recreational (V1-V3)
Intermediate (V2-V4)
Open (V4+)

Recreational (V1-V3)
Intermediate (V3-V5)
Advanced (V5-V7)
Open (V7+)

COST: $30

NOTE: All climbers must have a facility waiver signed prior to checking in for the event. CLICK HERE to sign waiver online.

Space is limited, so register below!  Registration closes on Dec 19, 2019 at 9:00 am. However, if we reach our limit per category, registration will close early!!