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Boulder League is cancelled until further notice

What is boulder league?

It’s a 5 week friendly team competition for climbers to meet weekly, encourage each other, and earn points for their team.  We’re using a scoring format that levels the playing field, so all abilities can team up and compete with each other.

BLOCS Boulder League is sponsored by Arcteryx!  Visit their store at West Edmonton Mall and please support them.

  • 5 Weeks of fun boulder league problems!
  • Problems will be available to climb every week at 7 pm Monday night.
  • Teams will be allowed to compete from Monday – Wednesday.

Boulder League is cancelled until further notice.

  1. Each team will consist of 3-5 climbers.  Climbers of different abilities can and are encouraged to climb on the same team!
  2. Teams must climb together.  Climbers on the same team cannot score points climbing on different days.
  3. Only 1 set of scorecards per team per week. Scorecards will be available at the welcome desk starting on Monday of the competition week.
  4. Grades of the problems will not be indicated, so climb all the problems that you can!
  5. Scorecards must be handed in by the end of the day the team competes.
  6. Points are awarded base on our equalized scoring system.
  7. Scores are determined by the 3 hardest problems you complete in a session.
  8. Team scores are determined by adding each member’s score from a session. Only the Top 3 members’ scores will be counted.
  9. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the league for the top team. There will be draw prizes every week for one male and one female competitor!

Normal bouldering comp rules apply:

  1. Points are earned by completing a problem from start to finish (must match and control the final hold)
  2. You must control the start hold before moving to the next hold.
  3. Volumes are in for all boulder problems.
  4. If you use a hold that is off-route, no points will be earned.

In order to count, your send must be witnessed by another competitor.


  • Min. 3 climbers/team, Max. 5 climbers/team. If you do not have enough climbers to make a team, we can assign a free agent or two to round out your team.
  • Please register your team at the same time with a team name.

Want to compete, but don’t have a team or don’t have enough team members?  That’s OK! Free agents are welcome!

  • We will team up climbers who sign up individually or teams with less than 2 climbers.
  • Please note which weekday and time you would like to climb so we can team up people!
  • NOTE: We will share your contact info with your team, so you can organize your climbing times.


  • $25/person (Fee covers the competition only, day pass is not included for non-members).
  • Register online or at the BLOCS welcome desk.
  • If you are not part of a team or can’t commit to the entire 5 weeks, you can still compete on an individual week and enter for the draw prize. $5/scorecard/week

Scoring in BLOCS boulder league will be based on an equalized scoring system.  This levels the playing field and gives an opportunity for all climbers to compete alongside and in teams with each other no matter what your ability.

How does the equalized scoring system work?

Every competitor will have a climbing level associated with their score.  Climbing levels are based on the hardest coloured tape problem that you can climb regularly in one session at BLOCS. Examples:

  • You usually climb yellow tapes every visit. Great! Your level is YELLOW
  • You can occasionally (once every 4-5 sessions) climb one orange tape in one session? Your level will be RED.
  • You usually climb yellow tape, but once every couple of weeks or so you get a green tape. Your level will be YELLOW.
  • You can climb orange tapes, but 2 months ago you climbed a yellow tape? Your level will be ORANGE.

If you’re unsure or have trouble deciding on your level, just ask a staff member and they can help you out.  And don’t worry, your level can change throughout the competition!  We’ll be keeping an eye on how you’re doing and if you have a breakthrough and start climbing harder than before, we’ll adjust your level. Similarly, if you’re going through a rough patch, we’ll adjust you as well.

You get 100 points for every problem sent at your level.  You get less points if you send below your level points, and more if you send above your level.  Send way above or send too many boulder problems above your level and you’ll get bumped a level to keep you challenged.

POINTS awarded per level by tape colour

White Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
RED 80 100 120
ORANGE 60 80 100 120
YELLOW 60 80 100 120
GREEN 60 80 100 120
BLUE 60 80 100 120

5 points will be deducted for every failed attempt, up to 3 deductions (i.e. >= 4 attempts are the same amount of points).

  • If you send a boulder problem at your level in one attempt = 100pts.
  • If you send a boulder problem at your level in 3 attempts = 90pts.
  • If you send a boulder problem one colour below your level in 4 attempts = 65 points.
  • If you send a boulder problem one colour below your level in 10 attempts = 65 points.

There will be problems from previous sets that you can get points for.   Please look for Boulder League placards from the previous week’s set. Since you will have the opportunity to climb these boulders before the competition week, these problems will automatically be deducted 5 points.