Our Operating Hours are:

Monday – Friday: 11AM – 11PM
Saturday: 10AM – 10PM
Sunday: 10AM – 8PM

Please continue to make bookings online and follow all our guidelines.  Thank you.

Zones are areas we have taped out on the concrete floor to help spread everyone throughout in the gym and to further encourage physical distancing.

Each zone has a capacity limit of 5 people.  The training area capacity remains at 8 people.

You can walk through the zones freely, but please do not stay in the zone if it is full.

PLEASE do not spend your entire session in one zone.

Effective August 1st, 2020,  masks or face coverings are required* while in our facility.

A mask or face covering should have multiple layers of fabric, fit securely against your face, cover your mouth and nose, and allow for clear breathing.  Fleece masks, banadana, and masks with valves are not permitted.

We understand that it may be necessary to adjust or remove your mask (to drink or eat) while in the facility. Please use proper mask hygiene and familiarize yourself with the proper use of masks prior to coming in for your session.

BLOCS has a limited amount of disposable and reusable masks for sale.

*Exemptions include children under 2 years old.

No, but it is recommended. Liquid chalk is not hand sanitizer, but formulas that use high concentrations of alcohol can help. Liquid chalk also reduces airborne chalk.

We are using a booking system to streamline facility access, and remove uncertainty and wait times. 

Behind the scenes, bookings also help us with capacity management, contact tracing, and gym cleaning.

CLICK HERE to make an online booking.

Yes.  We have a limited fleet of rental shoes.  All shoes will be disinfected and put in quarantine for at least 24 hours before returning to our fleet.

We understand that these are uncertain times and there are varying levels of concern around COVID-19. 

If you do not feel comfortable returning to BLOCS and are a member, please CLICK HERE to freeze your membership

At this time, we are extending the option to freeze to all members including prepaid membership. Currently we are not charging freeze fees.

At the moment, with our limited capacity, we are reserving our spaces for climbers.

Please refrain from bringing non-climbing guests to the gym.

If you are a parent of a child that climbs regularly at BLOCS, please contact us for more info at

Not at this time.

We recommend that you do not bring any valuables and come dressed to climb.  The open cubbies under the benches are still available for storage.

Climbing holds cannot be cleaned between attempts or daily in a manner that eliminates transmission risk. While the primary mode of transmission is through airborne droplets, there is a possibility, however remote, of transmission from surface contact.

The impracticability of sanitizing holds between each attempt can be mitigated by climbers rigorously adhering to proper personal hygiene practices.  We ask that all climbers:

  • Wash/sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the facility, and frequently throughout their session.
  • Use the hand sanitizer stations that have been placed throughout the gym.
  • Use proper respiratory etiquette – cover their cough/sneeze with their elbow or a tissue, properly dispose of the tissue and wash/sanitize their hands,
  • And refrain from touching their face, particularly during and immediately following climbing.

Following these steps, combined with all other preventative measures (staying home if sick, maintaining physical distancing, wearing masks, and enhanced cleaning) will reduce the risk of transmission.


Prepaid  and Monthly Members:

All members will be emailed with details on their memberships. Please check your junk folders if you do not hear from us.

Frozen Members:

Your membership will remain frozen. The time that we were closed will not count toward your 4 month freeze limit.


We encourage everyone to purchase recurring monthly memberships, one month prepaid memberships and punch pass purchases online.

NOTE: At this time, You must have a valid waiver to enter BLOCS!  If you do not have a valid waiver, please fill one out online here prior to coming to BLOCS.

CLICK HERE to purchase a punch pass or membership!

Yes. Members are allowed 4 guest passes a month.  Only 1 guest per entry.

Guests must be new to BLOCS.  Please fill out a waiver online prior to coming to BLOCS.


You can make a booking for 2 people. Limiting booking numbers helps us minimize interactions at the front desk during check-in and aid in contact tracing. Our current system does not allow for the entry of multiple users when making a booking. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please visit our booking page and click on the Cancellation request “Information and Booking” button. 

Please use this option instead of emailing or calling so that we don’t miss your cancellation.

Our booking system is in place to help with capacity management, avoid wait times, and streamline facility access. 

At the moment you must make a booking to climb.  We are continually assessing capacity and will make changes accordingly. 

Please book online to ensure access to the facility.

No. Prebooking your spot helps us with contact tracing and minimizes interactions at the front desk upon entry.

Please cancel your booking and have your friend sign up for that spot online.